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The Church Tattoo Company is a family owned shop here local to Jacksonville, NC.The owner, Mingo, took his passion and felt he was called to take the tattooing industry and make it a place where people can share their lives and families with each other. He decided to change the stigma on what a tattoo shop can represent.  We are a team that remains on mission every day to make life impacts and bring people together through art. Here, we use the best equipment and strive to make your experiences memorable. We are talented, unique and full of character. The artists here love to work with creative ideas and bring them to life. We accept walk ins however we strongly encourage our clients to make an appointment, we tend to book fast! Come in, check us out. You can also contact us through Facebook, Instagram or the good ol' fashioned telephone!

  • Mingo My passion for art started at 15. Trying to make a mark on anything I could, I began with drawing and soon after I picked up a machine and really never looked back. I was always on and off with it, life happening and insecurities in myself, made tattooing seem like something that I didn't think would pan out as a career but I never fully stopped. Years later, I was given an opportunity in the industry and I felt God called me to do this so that I might be able to make an impact on this world and in this life. Outside of tattooing my time is spent with my wife and daughter TV binging, adventuring and working on other art projects.
Instagram: tattoos_by_the_ghost